FOSTERS ALMS HOUSES in the mid 1960's.  Dr. George Owen, who was physician to Henry VIII added to the endowment in 1553. In January 2000 the tree has disappeared and the decorative ironwork of the gate has been augmented.

John Foster was Mayor of Bristol and founded the almshouses in 1483.  He built the chapel dedicated to the Three Kings of Cologne next to his almshouses a little later.  Apparently, he built the chapel as a chantry in which a priest would sing for his soul and that of his late wife, and both their families, once they had died.  The almshouse was to contain no-one who was not English, and no-one was to be under 50 yrs. old or married. The Trustees decide to rebuild the old almshouses in 1861 and the project took until 1883 to complete.  It is patterned by bricks supplied by the Cattybrook Brick Co. of Almondsbury and it is one of a number of examples of  the architects (Foster and Wood) "...fairy-tale confections of the Tudor, with its half-timbering etc., embellished by the tracery, crocketing (little figures running up and down the roofs) and patterned brickwork of the French (Burgandian) Gothic."  [quoted from Charity on Camera in Edwardian Bristol by Kieran Costello and Richard Burley].


Picture of the Chapel

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