Views of Bristol - circa 1965



Note: These are black and white prints of pictures taken with a simple camera.  In January 2000, I took some new black and white photographs to show the same views about 35 years later.

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1. The Centre (2000 picture added)

2. St Mary Redcliffe Church

3. Victoria Street with the leaning tower of Temple Church in the Background

4. Temple Church

5. Another view of Temple Church Tower with the 'Robinson Building in the background (now known as 'No1 Redcliff Street)

6. View from Victoria Street near Bristol Bridge looking down St Thomas Street (St Thomas's Church on the right)

7. View from Redcliffe Bridge looking towards Bristol Bridge (2000 picture added)

8. The Theatre Royal, King Street before and after renovations (2000 picture added)

9. Looking up King Street from the Llandogger Trow towards the Theatre Royal with the Coopers Hall and Alms Houses on the left.

10. The Llandoger Trow Pub

11. The Llandoger Trow Pub (2000 picture added)

12. Looking down from the top of Christmas Steps (2000 picture added)

13. The commemorative tablet at the top of Christmas Steps (2000 picture added)

14. Fosters Alms House, adjacent to the top of Christmas Steps (2000 piture added)

15. Another view of Fosters Alms House showing the Chapel of 'The Three Kings of Cologne' (2000 picture added)

16. The Hatchet Pub

17. Queens Square with the statue of King William III facing towards The Centre (2000 picture added)

A few Pictures of Bristol after the WW2 Blitz

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