QUEEN SQUARE in the mid 1960's.

On the plinth in the middle of the road, King William III sits on a horse riding towards The Centre with no stirrups. The statue was erected in 1736, sculptor John Michael Rysbrach (c1693-1770). The statue was removed for safekeeping during WWII to the Duke of Beaufort's park at Badminton.

The buildings on two sides of the square appear as they were built in the days of Queen Anne but the other two sides were destroyed by fire in the 1831 riots and rebuilt. No 37 Queen Square housed the first American Consulate to be opened in Europe (1792).

January 2000

Work is in hand to take out the 'New Western Road' (a 1930's road improvement scheme) and restore the square to its original state. King William sits supervising the operations but he has turned 90 degrees - his originally intended position.

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