Arthur Baker - 1841-1909 (Sheriff - 1891)




Arthur Baker was born in Bristol on 27th June 1841 and was educated at Bristol Grammar School.  His joined his father's corn milling and merchants business in 1857 and became a partner in the firm, William Baker and Sons in 1866.  He was the younger brother of William Proctor Baker.  In 1870 the firm amalgamated with Spillers of Cardiff to form Spillers & Bakers Ltd. and he became a director of that company which in its day was the largest milling and corn trade business in the UK.  From 1874 to 1900 he represented the Redcliff ward (as a conservative) in the council where he served actively and he was appointed an Alderman in 1900 then resigned in 1902.  He was JP (1887) and a Merchant Venturer (Warden in 1873, Master in 1875) and became Sheriff of Bristol in 1891.  He died on 14th December 1909 at the age of 68.


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