Sir George William Edwards - 1818-1902 (Mayor 1876,77,78 & 86)


George Edwards was born at Bishop Street, St Pauls on 16th April 1818.  He was a stockbroker  but when his brother died, who had been a partner in the tobacco business of Ringer Edwards & Co., got involved with the firm and became chairman of the tobacco manufacture Edwards, Ringer & Biggs which joined together with W.D. & H.O. Wills and eleven other companies to form the Imperial Tobacco Company in 1901.  He became an Alderman in 1874 and served as Mayor four times (1876,77,78 & 86).  He was President of the Grateful Society in 1879 and President of the Dolphin Society in 1886. He died on 18th (or 28th) March 1902. 

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