John Hampden Inskip - 1880-19xx (Lord Mayor 1931)


John Inskip was born in Bristol (his father, James was a Bristol Solicitor and Alderman) and was admitted as a solicitor in 1905.  Four year later, when his father died he took over the practice known as James Inskip & Son.  During the Great War he served in France as an Observer in the Royal Flying Corps.  He was (conservative) councillor for Clifton North and a member of many committees such as the Royal School of Industry for the Blind and the Bristol Dockland Settlement.  As chairman of the Electrical Committee and the Finance Committee he was largely responsible for the adoption of the scheme for a new power station at Portishead.  He became leader of the conservative on the council on 1928 and served as Lord Mayor in 1931.  

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