Odiarne Coates Lane - 1793-1865 (Mayor 1860)




 Odiarne Coates Lane (1793 - 1865) was the son of a Dr Thomas Lane from St Ives.  Odiarne's  grandfather, the Rev. Thomas lane was rector of St Ives in Cornwall.  In his time, Odiarne Lane was a director of the West of England Bank, the Liverpool and London Insurance Co., the Gas Company, the Water Company, the Zoological Gardens Co., the Victoria Rooms Co. and vice chairman of the Severn & Wye Valley Railway Co.  He was also a JP and a Master of the Merchant Venturers he was also President of the Grateful Society in 1857.  Although he never sought municipal honours, or even attended any meetings for the purpose, he was elected councillor for Clifton on a number of occasions and was Mayor in 1860.  For many years he lived at Somerset House, Clifton where he was a keen gardener having hot and green houses and vineries and enjoyed growing bananas, guavas. melons, grapes and orchids - he was well known for winning prizes at shows for his efforts.  He gave significant sums towards the building of Christchurch in Clifton.  Sadly, one of his sons who worked in the consular service was killed in the Chinese war at Canton and another son was drowned while boating at Oxford (he was an undergraduate at Pembroke College) 


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