Mayors and Sheriffs of Bristol 2000 - Present


Lord Mayor


2000 Graham Roy Robertson OBE Dr Charles St John Hartnell
2001 Brenda Patricia Hugill Dr Malcolm Joseph Campbell
2002 William Leslie Martin John Christopher Savage
2003 William Leslie Martin Helen Mary Thornhill
2004 Simon Timothy Cook Valerie, Lady Kingman
2005 Peter John Abraham Roger Neale Baird
2006 Peter John Abraham Richard Alan Lee
2007 Royston Griffey William Howard Robert Durie
2008 Christopher Davies Prof. Richard Hodder Williams
2009 Christopher Davies Dr Tim Chambers
2010 Colin Smith Mrs Peaches Golding
2011 Geoffrey Gollop Dr John Cottrell
2012 Peter Main Andrew Nisbet
2013 Faruk Choudhury Dr Shaheen Chaudhry
2014 Alastair Watson Henry Louis Michael Bothamley
2015 Clare Campion-Smith Dr Rosalind P. Kennedy
2016 Jeff Lovell Helen Mary Wilde
2017 Lesley Alexander Anthony Roger Ernest Brown
2018 Cleo Lake Roger Gordon Opie
2019 Jos Clark Charles C J C Wyld

*Since 1997 these have been royal appointees as High Sheriff of the County of 'City of Bristol'.

For the year 2000 - 2011 data was copied from the official Bristol Council site where a full listing of Mayors and Lord Mayors was presented.  From 2011 the information was maintained as a downloadable .PDF file on the council website (note the source for that historical listing is Rickarts Kalendar begun in 1479) however this seems to have disappeared and up-to-date records are available on Wikipedia.  More information is also given about local politics and the history and duties of Mayors on the website: Bristol City Council - Lord Mayor's page 


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