Frank Moore - 1865 -1946 (Lord Mayor 1925)




Frank Moore was born at Townsend Farm, Rode, Near Bath in 1865 the son of John Moore.  He became Leader of the Liberal Party in the Bristol City Council.  He was an estate agent adn surveyor involved with land development and the building trade and devoted lots of his time to public works - he was chairman of the Knowle Parish Council and a member of the Long Ashton Rural District Council and became a councillor in 1897 when the city boundaries were extended.  He was made an Alderman in 1917 and served as Lord Mayor in 1925.  He was also President of the Anchor Society in 1927. He died on 9th February 1946 aged 80 years at his residence, Knwle House, Priory Road, Knowle, Bristol. 

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