Alfred Arthur Senington - 1871 -19xx (Lord Mayor 1923)


Alfred Sennington was born in Wellington in Southern India in 1971. He came to Bristol as a boy in the late 1870's and was apprenticed to Mr Mark H Barraud, Scenic Artist  at the Prince's Theatre.  He later joined the clothing trade as a cutter with Messrs Wills & Son Ltd., working with them for 30 years and became an official of the Tailor's and Garment Workers Union in 1917.  He took a great interest in the Labour movement and was elected to be councillor for Easton Ward in 1908.  He was made an Alderman in 1920 and served as Lord Mayor in 1923.  He was a member of the Penn Street Tabernacle Congregational Church for over 40 years. 


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