The Sword Dance Lady Sarah Lennox and The Napiers

by Priscilla Napier. First published in 1971 by Michael Joseph Ltd 57 Bedford Square, London WC1

ISBN: 7181 0830 2


This book is the story of the Napier family during the years 1745 - 1826, the life span of Lady Sarah Lennox.  She was the daughter of the 2nd Duke of Richmond and a great-grand-daughter of Charles II and his mistress Louise de Querouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth.  In her youth Lady Sarah was greatly admired by the young George III who wished to marry her.  This was politically impossible and soon after his marriage to his German cousin, Sarah  married Sir Charles Bunbury; a brief but disastrous affair with Lord William Gordon brought that marriage to and end.  After 12 years (living out of the limelight on her brother's estates), she married the handsome but penniless Colonel George Napier, sixth son of Francis, Lord Napier, by whom she had eight children ....


Charles, General, KCB, born 1782

Emily, born 1783

George, General, KCB, born 1784

William, General, KCB, born 1785

Richard, born 1787

Henry, Captain RN, born 1789

Caroline, born 1791

Cecilia, born 1792