Henry Overton Wills II   1800 - 1871

The religious dissent of both William Day Wills and Henry Overton Wills II was matched by their political radicalism. Both supported the Anti-Corn Law League and made contributions to its funds. Regularly they supported Liberal candidates at parliamentary elections. Henry himself entered local politics in 1845 as a Liberal councillor for the St. Pauls district of Bristol.

By 1851 Henry had 11 children surviving from a total of 15... his family eventually numbered 18 children.... "while this ensured the survival of the Wills name, it added untold complications to the family tree"1

W.D & H,O Wills and the Development of the UK Tobacco Industry 1786 - 1965 by B.W.E. Alford (1)
  When he died in 1871, H.O. Wills II was buried at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol (close to the spot were H.O. Wills III was later buried). 
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