Henry Overton Wills III   1828 - 1911

With the formation of the Imperial Tobacco Company in 1901 and the Wills wealth assured, Henry Overton Wills III and his family began making significant benefactions to a variety of causes - many of them anonymously (high on the list were benefactions for religious causes and schemes for social welfare). His son George announced at a Colston Society dinner in 1908 that his father was to give 100,000 (R.P.I. around 6,000,000 in 2004) towards the establishment of a fully independent Bristol University - making possible the hopes of the original founders of the college in 1876... Henry was installed as the University's first chancellor in 1909.

Henry was the first of the third generation to enter the firm on the1st January 1846.


His estate was valued at 5,214,821 when he died in 1911. 


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