Memorial to

William Day



Arnos Vale



Many areas and buildings in the cemetery at Arnos Vale were in a poor condition after years of neglect by the owners but now a trust has been set up to care for the cemetery, much progress has been made in restoring the cemetery and also The Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery (FAVC) work regularly to help maintain it.  The picture above was taken in 2004.

It was while visiting London on 11th May 1865 that W.D. Wills, who had become partially deaf, inadvertently stepped in front of  a horse-drawn omnibus at the bottom of Snow Hill.  As he lay on the ground with both legs broken, a policeman who had been summoned to the scene said to him, "Oh, Mr Wills, I'm indeed sorry to see you in such a plight."  He was a young man from Bristol and probably the only constable in the Metropolitan Force who could have recognised him.  Wills's left leg was amputated in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, but he died two days later at the age of sixty-eight.  He was buried at Arno's Vale , Bristol, in the following week.  More than 1000 people attend his funeral.

Quoted from: "Furnished with Ability, The Lives and Times of Wills Families" by S.J. Watson, 1991


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