Mayors and Sheriffs of Bristol 1700 -1799

Transcribed from 'Annals of Bristol Vol. 2' by John Latimer






1700 Sir William Daines Merchant Robert Bound Isaac Davies
1701 John Hawkins Brewer (Knighted) Samuel Bayly Richard Bayly
1702 William Lewis Soap Boiler Abraham Elton Christopher Shuter
1703 Peter Saunders Merchant Thomas Hort Henry Whithead
1704 Francis Whitchurch Grocer Anthony Swymmer Henry Walter
1705 Nathaniel Day Soap Boiler Morgan Smith Nathaniel Webb
1706 George Stephens Draper Abraham Hooke Nicholas Hicks
1707 William Whithead Distiller Onesiphorus Tyndall Thomas Tyler
1708 James Holledge Merchant Philip Freke John Day
1709 Robert Bound Shipwright James Haynes Thomas Clement
1710 Abraham Elton Merchant Edmund Mountjoy Ab. Elton jun.
1711 Christopher Shuter Grocer William Bayly Poole Stokes
1712 Thomas Hort Richard Gravett Henry Watts  
1713 Anthony Swymmer Merchant John Becher Henry Swymmer
1714 Henry Whithead Salt Maker William Whithead Richard Taylor
1715 Henry Walter Woollen Draper James Donning Joseph Jefferis
1716 Nicholas Hicks Mercer Robert Earle Peter Day
1717 John Day Merchant Henry Nash John Price
  Thomas Clement Shipwright    
1718 Edmund Mountjoy Soap Maker Samuel Stokes Edward Foy
1719 Abraham Elton jun. Merchant Arthur Taylor John King
1720 Henry Watts Merchant Robert Addison Jacob Elton
  Sir Abraham Elton bart.      
1721 John Becher Merchant John Rich Noblet Ruddock
1722 Henry Swymmer Merchant Robert Smith Lionel Lyde
1723 James Donning Merchant John Blackwell Nathaniel Wraxall
1724 Joseph Jefferis Merchant Nathaniel Day William Jefferis
1725 Robert Earle Merchant Stephen Clutterbuck Michael Puxton
1726 Peter Day Merchant Ezekial Longman Henry Combe
1727 Henry Nash Distiller Richard Bayley John Bartlett
1728 John Price Merchant Henry Lloyd Abraham Elton
1729 Samuel Stokes Soapboiler John Berrow John Day
1730 Edward Foy Merchant Edward Buckler William Barnsdale
1731 Arthur Taylor Distiller Edward Cooper William Barnes
1732 John King Merchant John Foy Buckler Weekes
1733 Jacob Elton Merchant Michael Pope Benjamin Glisson
1734 John Rich Merchant Thomas Curtis James Laroche
1735 Lionel Lyde Merchant David Peloquin John Clements
1736 John Blackwell Merchant Morgan Smith Abraham Elton
1737 Nathaniel Day Merchant Joseph Iles Henry Dampier
1738 William Jefferis Merchant John Combe Giles Bayly
1739 Stephen Clutterbuck Tobacconist Michael Becher David Dehany
1740 Henry Combe Linen Draper Walter Jenkins William Martin
1741 Richard Bayley   John Chamberlayne Henry Mugleworth
1742 Sir Abraham Elton Bart.   William Cossley Jeremiah Ames
1743 John Berrow   Isaac Elton John Durbin
1744 John Day Merchant John Foy Buckler Weekes
1745 William Barnes Sugar-baker Thomas Marsh John Noble
1746 Edward Cooper Merchant Henry Swymmer Richard Farr jun.
1747 John Foy Merchant John Berrow Giles Bayly
1748 Buckler Weekes Draper John Daltera Isaac Baugh
1749 Thomas Curtis Merchant William Barnes jun. John Curtis
1750 James Laroche Merchant George Weare Joseph Love
1751 David Peloquin Merchant Henry Dampier Isaac Baugh
1752 John Clements Shipwright Daniel Woodward Edward Whatley
1753 Abraham Elton Merchant Henry Bright Thomas Harris
1754 Morgan Smith Sugar-baker Thomas Knox Thomas Deane
1755 Henry Dampier Merchant Henry Weare James Hilhouse
1756 Giles Baily Druggist Nathaniel Foy Austin Goodwin
1757 William Martin Tobaccoist Robert Gordon Isaac Piguenit
1758 Henry Mugleworth Upholder Samuel Webb John Berrow
1759 Jeremiah Ames Sugar-baker Charles Hotchkin John Noble
1760 John Durbin Drysalter Isaac Piguenit Samuel Sedgley
1761 Isaac Elton Merchant Joseph Daltera William Barnes jun.
1762 John Noble Merchant William Weare Thomas Farr
1763 Richard Farr Merchant Andrew Pope John Durbin jun.
1764 Henry Swymmer Merchant James Laroche jun. John Bull
1765 Isaac Baugh Gentleman Isaac Elton jun. Michael Miller jun.
1766 William Barnes jun. Sugar-baker William Miles Henry Cruger
1767 George Weare Grocer Edward Brice Alexander Edgar
1768 Edward Whatley Sugar-baker John Crofts Henry Lippincott
1769 Thomas Harris Merchant John Merlott George Daubeny
1770 Thomas Deane Merchant Isaac Elton jun. Henry Lippincott
1771 Henry Bright Merchant Levi Ames Jeremy Baker
1772 Nathaniel Foy Brewer John Noble John Anderson
1773 Robert Gordon Merchant Andrew Pope Thomas Pierce
1774 Charles Hotchkin Gentleman John Durbin jun. James Hill
1775 Thomas Farr Merchant Edward Brice John Noble
1776 Andrew Pope Sugar-baker John Farr John Harris
1777 John Durbin jun. Gentleman John Fisher Weare Philip Protheroe
1778 Sir John Durbin   Benjamin Loscombe James Morgan jun.
1779 Michael Miller jun. Merchant Edward Brice John Harford
  John Bull      
1780 William Miles Merchant Samuel Span Joseph Smith
1781 Henry Cruger Merchant Robert Colman John Collard
1782 Edward Brice Sugar-baker Rowland Williams William Blake
1783 John Anderson Merchant John Garnett Anthony Henderson
1784 John Farr Rope Maker John Fisher Weare John Harvey
1785 John Crofts Esquire Joseph Harford Stephen Nash
1786 George Daubeny Sugar-baker Evan Baillie Thomas Daniel jun.
1787 Alexander Edgar Esquire John Morgan Robert Claxton
1788 Levi Ames Drysalter James Hill John Harris
1789 James Hill Linen Draper Henry Bengough John Gordon jun.
1790 John Harris Hosier James Morgan Rowland Williams
1791 John Noble Merchant Joseph Harford Samuel Span
1792 Henry Bengough Attorney Wm Gibbons Joseph Gregory Harris
1793 James Morgan Druggist Charles Young John Page
1794 Joseph Smith Merchant Robert Castle Joseph Edye
1795 James Harvey Iron Merchant David Evans John Wilcox
1796 James Harvey Iron Merchant John Foy Edgar Azariah Pinney
1797 Thomas Daniel Merchant Edward Protheroe John Span
1798 Robert Claxton Merchant Daniel Wait William Fripp
1799 John Morgan Druggist Henry Bright Worthington Brice

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