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Ellbroad Street Received its name from 'Elle Bridge'1
Haymarket, The Established in 1784.  The corporation erected a weighing machine for public use there in February 1785.1
Holister Street In 1697 William Penn, the founder of the colony of Pennsylvania, resided in Bristol and arranged the building of this street  (see also Penn Street and Philadelphia Street).  Penn's wife was the daughter of Dennis Holister, from whom was purchased the ground on which these three streets were built.1
Hope Square Named after Lady Hope who founded a chapel which stands in the eastern side.1
Horsefair This explains its original use
Host Street So called because the Host was carried in procession through it.1
Jacob's Wells Probably dates back to when Jews buried their dead on the spur of Brandon Hill, nearly opposite this spring which rises in Clifton Hill.1
Johnny Ball Lane Was so named after the owner of the property outside of the old Franciscan convent.1
John Street Originally called St John Street and built about 17502
King Street Named in honour of King Charles II being built in 1670 shortly after the restoration2
Lewin's Mead Named after Leofyn the youngest brother of Sweyn, Earl of Bristol 1049.  In 14th century deeds it was named Lowan's Mead.1
Limekiln Lane Was called Cow Lane before the mid 1600's when it was renamed.1
Marsh Street The road runs along side an area now covered mainly by Queens Square which was marshland
Maudlin Street Was formerly styled Magdalen lane.1
Merchant Street Was called by William Wyrcestre Marshal Street - it was a military way from the Castle to Kingsdown which was the area used in medieval times for military exercises and tourneys.1
Nelson Street Was formerly called Haulier's Lane and in the time of Edwards III it was called Grope Lane.1
Ninetree Hill So called from the nine elms that stood upon the knoll.  Here also stood Prior's Hill Fort - Prior Hill being the proper for the steep.1
Orchard Street Occupies a portion of the site of the orchard attached to Gaunt's Hospital.1

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2. The Street Names of Bristol Their Origins and Meanings 2001 by Veronica Smith

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