The Biographical Works of Priscilla Napier

'Chronicler of the Napier family'




The Sword Dance

Lady Sarah Lennox and the Napiers [2nd Vol.] 1971

A Difficult Country

The Napiers in Scotland [ Ist Vol.]


Revolution and the Napier Brothers 1820 -  1840

Lady Sarah's children [3rd Vol.]


A Memoir of Lady Delia Peel

Born Spencer 1889 - 1981


I Have Sind

Charles Napier in India 1841 - 1844


Raven Castle 

Charles Napier in India 1844 - 1851


Black Charlie 

A Life of Admiral Sir Charles Napier KCB
1787 - 1860


Barbarian Eye 

William John, 9th Lord Napier in China 1834
The Prelude to Hong Kong


Henry at Sea

Part one of the life of Captain Henry Napier RN 1789 - 1853 1997

Henry Ashore

Part two of the life of Captain Henry Napier RN 1789 - 1853


A Late Beginner

A memoir of Priscilla's own early years in Egypt 1966
Priscilla Napier was born on 5 October 1908 in Oxford, the Daughter of Sir William Hayter, legal/financial advisor to the Egyptian government in the days of the British Protectorate.  Her mother was Alethea Slessor, the daughter of a Hampshire rector.  She spent her early days in Egypt but left there at the age of 12 to continue her education.  At the age of 22 Priscilla married a naval officer, Trevylyan Napier.  Sadly, on 30 August 1940, Commander Trevylyan died on HMS Jackel and through her long widowhood, after bringing up their three children, Priscilla wrote a series of books about her husbands famous Napier family.  She died at Guildford, Surrey 10th October 1998.

Her husband was descended from the Napiers of East Pennard in Somerset and their ancestors were the ones who are said to have migrated from Scotland to Dorset in the late 15th Century. 


Other Works of Priscilla Napier





This Poem was written by Priscilla in memory of her husband,  'Trevie' Napier - a kind of memorial to his courage and their love. The book has a long forward by Eric Linklater and was first published under the pseudonym of Eve Stuart. 1944

Coming Home from Sea

A collection of Priscilla's poems 1999

Plymouth in War

Poem -a "verse documentary" of the population of Plymouth under bombing during the 2nd Word War. 1978

The Kingdom of Edmund

A poem about St Edmund, an East Anglian King who was killed by the Danes in the 9th century. 1984

A Ballad of Henry VIII and Sir Thomas Wyatt

Poem 1994

Imperial Winds


Bishop Theophan's The Art Of Prayer













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