Mayors and Sheriffs of Bristol 1900 -1999

(Mostly from data held at Bristol Records Office)


Lord Mayor


1900 James Colthurst Ashman Edward Burnet James
1901 Charles Edward Ley Gardner Admiral Francis Arden Close
1902 Sir Robert Henry Symes Joseph Weston-Stevens
1903 Sir Robert Henry Symes William Henry Greville Edwards
1904 Edward Burnet James Herbert Cary George Batten
1905 Alfred John Smith Henry Lorymer Risely
1906 Alfred John Smith Henry Daniel
1907 Sir Edward Burnet James (knighted 1908) Herbert Cary  George Batten
1908 Edward Robinson Stanley Hugh Badock
1909 Christopher Albert Hayes George Risely
1910 Christopher Albert Hayes George Risely
1911 Sir Frank William Wills (knighted 1912) Robert Edwin Bush
1912 Charles James Lowe Thomas Joseph Lennard
1913 John Swaish (knighted 1920) Adam Cottam Castle
1914 John Swaish (knighted 1920) John Stroud Gwyer William Stroud
1915 Barclay Josiah Baron Herbert E Chattock
1916 Barclay Josiah Baron Lt Col. Joseph Beaumont Butler / H.E. Chattock
1917 Frank Sheppard Percy Steadman
1918 Henry William Twiggs Ivie Mathew Dunlop
1919 James Thomas Francombe William Alfred Titley
1920 George Bryant Britton Major Owen Stanley Davies
1921 Ernest Henry Cook (knighted 1923) Francis Nicholas Cowlin
1922 Alfred Dowling Horace Walker
1923 Alfred Arthur Senington Frederick Burris
1924 Ernest Brookhouse Richards Frank Oliver Wills
1925 Frank Moore Lionel Goodenough Taylor
1926 Edward Malachi Dyer Frank Ernest Sampson
1927 John Curle James Arnold Arrowsmith-Brown
1928 William Henry Eyles Ernest John Taylor
1929 Walter Bryant Henry James Gilbert Rudman
1930 Frederick Francis Clothier Herbert George Tanner
1931 John Hampden Inskip Edwin Stanley Gange
1932 Thomas James Wise Dr Walter Kenneth Wills OBE
1933 Francis Crispin Luke Frank Sydney Philpott
1934 Herbert John Maggs Thomas Hosegood Davies
1935 Charles Theodore Budgett Gilbert Sydney James
1936 Albert Francis Moon Lt Comdr. Vivian John Robinson RN
1937 John James Milton Sidney Cox
1938 William Albert Winchester Col. Ernest William Leonard
1939 Albert Whitfield Stone Burgess Charles Loraine Hill
1940 Thomas Henry Johnson Underdown Clarence H W Davey
1941 Ebenezer Thomas Cozens Harold Maurice Comer Hosegood
1942 Henry Arthur Wall Harold Maurice Comer Hosegood
1943 Frederick Charles Williams Harold Maurice Comer Hosegood
1944 William Frederick Cottrell Sydney Clifford
1945 James Owen Sydney Clifford
1946 Gilbert Sydney James Harry Crook
1947 Charles Richard Gill Herbert John Thomas
1948 Charles Richard Gill Hubert Chitty
1949 Percy Walter Cann Frank Manning Arkle
1950 Frederick Arthur Parish Joseph Henry Bennett
1951 Robert Francis Lyne Arthur Anthony Scull
1952 Vincent James Ross Stanley William Cornwall
1953 Kenneth Alfred Leader Brown Alan Oliver Wills
1954 Gilbert George Adams John Henshaw Britton
1955 Harry Crook Henry Richard Priday OBE, JP
1956 George Alton Watson Allan Arthur William Bryant
1957 Percy Whithead Raymond William Ernest Wheatley
1958 Fitzroy George William Chamberlain George Thomas Bullock MBE
1959 William George Cozens Dr Alexander MacAllister Maclachlan
1960 Alexander Hugh Jenkins George Edward Maggs
1961 Charles Herbert Smith Charles Marcus Hartnell
1962 Leonard King Stevenson Stanley William Evans OBE, JP
1963 Mrs Florence Mills Brown Arthur Ainslie Baker CBE
1964 Kenelm Antony Philip Dalby William Coldrick
1965 Thomas Henry Martin Francis Dorning Parry
1966 Cyril Hebblethwaite Frank A Ashley
1967 Revd. Frederick Charles Vyvyan-Jones Kenneth Blandford Lalonde
1968 Mrs Mercia Evelyn Castle Gilbert Thomas MBE
1969 Herbert William Major Willcox Mr J N Chivers MBE, JP
1970 Geoffrey Patrick Palmer Herbert Frederick George Skeates
1971 Mrs Helen Bloom Robert Victor Cooke
1972 Edwin Roberts Mrs Iris Mary Knight MBE
1973 Walter William Jenkins George E Lucas
1974 Albert George Peglar Hugh Charles Innes Rogers*
1975 Hubert James Williams John Foster Robinson CBE, TD, DL*
1976 Jack Desmond Fisk Simon Melville Wills*
1977 Edward James Wright Malcolm Allinson Anson*
1978 Charles Edwin Merrett Humphrey Ashley Densham*
1979 Thomas John Clarke Thomas Lloyd Robinson*
1980 Vic Pople Mary Ada Phoebe Towill*
1981 Bill Blackmore Roderick MacDonald Davidson*
1982 George Maggs Peter D Smith*
1983 Frederick J. Apperley Col. Charles J Stewart OBE, TD, DL, JP*
1984 Claude Draper Christopher Wilson Thomas*
1985 Jack M. Bosdet Robert Edward John Bernays*
1986 Joan Jones Sir Alexander Walter merrison FRS, DL*
1987 Marmaduke B. Alderton Robin H Chermside JP*
1988 Derek Baisley Tedder C R T Laws*
1989 Kathleen Mountstephen Sir George Stanley James White*
1990 James Alexander Williams (died 4/3/2000) Robert Foxcroft Robertson-Glasgow*
1991 Peter John Abraham Andrew Reid*
1992 John Channon Francis Greenacre*
1993 John Channon Hilton Baynton-Coward*
1994 Claire Margaret Warren C J Marsden-Smedley*
1995 Joan Barbara McLaren J N Tidmarsh MBE, JP*
1996 Joan Barbara McLaren George Ferguson**
1997 Jack Fisk OBE Richard Lalonde**
1998 Graham John Robertson OBE Edwin Howard Webber**
1999 Graham John Robertson OBE John B Pool MBE**

For the year 1997 onwards, Mayor data is copied from the Official Bristol Council site where a full listing of Mayors and Lord Mayors is now available. A lot more information is also given about local politics, the history and duties of Mayors - worth a visit: Bristol City Council - Lord Mayors

*From 1974 (Rogers) to 1995 (Tidmarsh) the above were High Sheriffs of Avon and nothing to do with the Mayoralty or civic hierarchy - they were independent royal appointments.

**From 1996(Ferguson) the above were the royal appointees as High Sheriff of the County of City of Bristol.


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